Tuesday, October 23, 2007

EcoMotion Pro

The 2007 Ecomotion Pro is happening right now! One of the races on my top 5 list (Despite pulling out from an ankle over use issue last year) and the reporting/coverage has been really good to date on Sleep Monsters.

The field is very deep this year with some ral contenders and I think the top 8 spots are really a crap shoot. My call is something like this in order:




-Wilsa Helly Hansen



Any thoughts? Eco-Motion Pro is hosting the AR world champs next year and I have no doubt they will produce a high caliber and fun filled race!

DART-nuun chose to race the XPD in Australia instead of Eco-Motion this year, which was an adventure, but missing a great event like this is tough while the race is going on.

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