Sunday, November 04, 2007

DART-nuun takes 3rd at USARA National Champs...

Glenn, Mari and Matt crushed it at the USARA national champs...they jockeyed for first with EMS and MOAT through out the entire race and had me on the edge of my seat on Friday. You can see via my last reports how the race played out...I wish the race had a bit more real time reporting but not sure how possible that was in Missouri.

Here's a bit of the breakdown from Glenn in an e-mail I got:

"We had a great race. stacked up against the best in the country. we were leading in the middle to the end after many lead position changes throughout the day. Small nav errors (5-10 mintues) would set you back 5 places. Made a few nav errors early on but we always were able to power back to the lead and capitalize on others errors.

7-8 hours into the race we put in the river with a 20 minute lead. Unfortunately there wasn't much of a river. it was a push and carry for about 5 miles. moat were able to catch us a this point. however, when the water was paddlable we would have no problem beating them.

left the ta on trek and we were clearly stronger putting 5 minute on them. unfortunatelt I opted for slightly longer roads and they bushwacked through easy understory. Ems caught us and all 3 of us were looking for the last trek cp together. short story, they found it I didn't."

I'm sure we will get more detail in the form of a press release on the DART-nuun news site or on Glenn's blog soon! Congratulations to them for a great race!!!


Gary Robbins said...

Have you seen the latest Sleepmonsters posting on the USARA Championships? It doesn't even list DART in its top ten for the race! Were they D.Q.'ed or is this a huge typo?


DARTvg said...

Saw it, Huge typo!!! I sent their editor a note with a rant.