Friday, November 02, 2007

USARA Updates!

News Update! USARA Live updates here
DART in 4th place...looking strong and Yak from CP Zero noted:
"DART-nuun was all business and didn't have too much to say as they dashed out of the TA. They reported no problems and were having great time."

Just got off the phone with Mike Bitton in Missouri...DART-nuun moved into first with EMS and Moat trailing...they have created a 15 minute gap between to top teams. The race is only half way done and lots more to come. Gotta love Mikey Bitton and CP Zero team keeping the world in "the know"!


Update from CP14
Friday 7:42 PM
Just talked to Rob who is at canoe takout and so far 13 teams have gone through: 1. MOAT at 6:08 pm 2. Dart-Nuun at 6:12 pm 3. EMS at 6:21 pm 4. Timberland at 6:44 pm 5. ATP at 6:51 6. Springfield Bike at 7:08 pm 7. ??? 8. EMS (Masters) at 7:27 pm 9. Alpine Shop at 7:28 pm 10. Berlin Bike at 7:29 pm 11. ARFE at 7:31 pm 12. Bike Iowa II at 7:34 pm 12. Lab Rats at 7:34 pm

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