Thursday, November 15, 2007

Racing the Planet

Monday November 12th we headed to REI to hear a presentation by 'Dr. Extreme', or Dr. Brian Krabak, about his experiences as the Medical Director for the Racing the Planet running series. The race takes place in 4 deserts accross the globe, which has a bit of interest to me as the deserts of Moab recently handed me a big F-U...and I am a bit intrigued by races through these miserable environments.

There were a handful of local adventure racers and ultra runners on hand and it was nice to see everyone. As well, there was a panel consisting of Dimitri Keiffer, Roger Michel and a Physical Therapist from Bellevue. It is great to hear insights into various people's preparation for these events, the one that caught my attention was an individual who had run three of the Racing the Planet events, had run in place for up to an hour a night while barefoot in a rubbermaid filled with rice. Evidently this toughened his feet up enough to run blisterless through his last race. WOW.

This race series seems pretty sweet and would be a good excuse for me to start ejoying running more.


Michmas said...

I've done a couple of the RTP races now (Sahara and Gobi)and cant say enough about them. If you are interested and have any questions, feel free to drop me a line. I'm going to thier Vietnam race in Feb.

Hope all is well and sorry I missed seeing you guys the other night.


DARTvg said...

Hey M!
I followed your Gobi race...looked so awesome. We'll have to chat, Jen is pretty pumped about these too.