Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter is here...Mt. Biking, Back Country Skiing, Base Training

Rest and recovery is officially over. I was able to take 2 full months off of competitive adventure racing, specific training and any competition for that matter. Recharging the batteries and most importantly the body. Thanksgiving has come and gone, got my turkey and now am laying out my 2008 fitness plan, adventure racing calendar and recreation.

My plan is to emphasize running and incorporate that into my early season plan of Long Slow Distance...the legal LSD. What does this mean? Lots of variety and not just running, not too much intensity to build in the muscle memory and get my body ready for long races by being out for a good amount of time.

I usually focus on keeping my training fun in the winter and include a variety of activities while taking advantage of the snow in the Cascades and Olympics. It is starting to snow here...look for me in the mountians this weekend!

In an effort to keep my Mt. bike handling skills up I usually ride more technical biking trails that are shorter in duration during the weekdays. We started our night rides last night and had a big group of 10 peeps out on the trails and had them outfitted with Light and Motion lights. I got a chance to ride with the new Stella LED and loved it...check it out. Matt wrote it up and has some good pics here on his blog.

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where's the beast race report?