Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year! What will 2008 have in store for Adventure racing?

Now that we have set foot into 2008 we can all start planning out our life and race calendars. What exciting things will you fill your calendar with...with a child on the way my priorities will shift, however both JVG(the wifey) and I are ambitious about keeping adventure racing and adventure in general as a part of our lives. I guess it will always be part of our lifestyle, but kids tend to shift priorities a bit.

DART-nuun will again focus on international expedition, however I will personally focus on local racing this year and perhaps one international race. A couple of series we have highlighted to participate in locally:

-BEAST (Lottery)
-Wicked (hopefully back to life in 2008...see Gorge Games comment on CP Tracker series)
-Checkpoint tracker Series (National Series)

and internationally:

-Baja Travesia (Baja, Mex)
-EcomotionPro (Brazil)
-Bull lof Africa (South Africa)

In the mean time I'll be sticking to weight training and some long slow distance on my feet and in the saddle. Winter has hit here in the Pacific Northwest and the skiing has been great! Here is a shot of JVG snowshoeing on Christmas day at Steven's Pass. See you in the hills.

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