Monday, January 07, 2008

Orienteering, Biking and Skiing...the adventurers winter diet

This weekend was comprised of some good fun in the mud, rain and snow. Saturday started off with Cascade Orienteering's O' Series #5 event at Bridle Trails state park in Kirkland, WA. This was a real runners course (very spread out) and there were a lot of local adventure racers out tuning up there navigation skills and getting in a good workout. As it turns out I happened to get a slightly better workout than most of them as the field crushed me... and I speant about 10 minutes more on the course that everyone else ;-) One wrong turn between 5 and 6 and going to checkpoint #3 instead of #13 did not help me any. I think Alex might have had the fastest time out of the AR heads, with Glenn up there in contention as well.

After that a group of 5 of us set out for a ride from Bridle Trails to Mercer Island and Ballard, I made it about .5 mile when my hub (Freewheel) broke and I lost my ability to pedal forward. Boohoo, I called emergency support (family) to pick me up and the gang continued on what Aaron said was a great ride. While I waited for my pickup I propped my handlebars on the side wall at the busy intersection I was at and proceeded to have my own spin class to stay warm, I'm not sure if I had ever had so many strange looks was pretty funny.

Back country skiing - Kendall Knob

Sunday Matt, Ruaraidh, Eric, Mike and I headed to Kendall Knob up at Snoqualmie Pass for some fun in the snow...check out the pics here. It turned out to be a great day and the snow stability was good all around.

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THRILL said...

Beautiful pictures. I think for awhile I forgot about the blog. Nice to catch up. Tell JVG hello