Friday, January 11, 2008

Raid the North Extreme, adventure racing at its greatest gets showtime in Canada

I wanted to pass along components of a message I got from Brian Tasaka, producer of the Momar adventure races in and around B.C. If you have not raced a Momar yet, put it on your list of sprint races...

"Hello Adventure Racers,

Be sure to tune in for the television premiere of Raid the North Extreme this Saturday night at 9:00pm. This one hour special will feature our own Team Helly Hansen / MOMAR as they battle the wild wilderness of the Queen Charlotte Islands and Prince Rupert, BC.
This broadcast is a first in Canada. For the first time, the mystique, excitement, wilderness, intensity and human drama of this incredible sport will reach Canadian homes on a national network in prime time.

"This type of coverage is ideal for this event," says race director Geoff Langford. "There are incredible stories of determination and team dynamics that a broader audience will be fascinated by, and we put competitors in places that require aerial, high-definition shots to truly capture the immensity of it all. Viewers watching prime time Global will be blown away by this sport, this part of the country, and the entire experience."

Watch team members Gary Robbins, Todd Nowack, Megan Rose, and Christiian Pillar as they take on 500km of unforgiving terrain in the heart of North Coast.
The show airs in HD on Global, Saturday, January 12, at 9:00pm.
For more information, go to"

Would be nice if we get the show down here, but I will be one step removed since I am cable less...Some one tape it or record it to DVD for me! I posted our pictures from the event below and here is a link to the posting I made with the DART video . Happy Viewing!

Raid the North Extreme 2007

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