Saturday, February 09, 2008

Introducing DART's newest team mate...

I usually stick to Adventure Related topics on my little blog, here is my adventure of a lifetime. The newest member of our team...Jaden Skye VanGorder. Born on the 7th around 7:45ish..This is how endurance athletes roll: 40+ hours of labor, 25 without drugs and three hours of pushing...Even the longest expedition race pales incomparison to the bohemeth amount of effort JVG put into this. WOW. She actually came out wearing a pair of running shoes and some lycra...a bit odd but we are comfortable with it.

Sometimes when we are racing and we know what is ahead of us we will make the comment," just three hours of biking left, you can do anything for three hours." We'll I feel truly lucky to never have to say just 40 hours of Labor left...boys, we have it easy. Big ups to JVG and all the mom's out there.

Look for Jaden on a trail near you :-)


Anonymous said...

Thats a good lookin kid. Well done guys! -Dan

Gary Robbins said...

AWESOME!! Congrats guys!!

Nathrop said...

Congratulations Jen and Ryan! Nice Finish!

nesscoline said...

Hey Jen and Ryan, Simply Awesome!! Way to hang tough, Jen! She looks like she's already thinking about her first MTB ride.
Connie & Colin

Andrea said...

Ahhhh... we've been thinking about you guys! Hope we get to meet the little punkin soon! congrats!!
You are correct - NOW the adventure really begins :)
Reed & Andrea Gillette