Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tubeless tire conversion

If anyone remembers our race in Australia (XPD), you would know we got over 40 flat tires from the dirty little goat heads...hate those things. We decided then and there that the more light weight set up of tires and tubes were out and tubeless set ups were in. So after some time off and getting everything we needed ready we set out on Wednesday night to convert. Glenn, Rinn and AV were in the house, everyone converting a slightly different set up.

I weigh in at nearly 200 pounds and tend to think about weight on my bike a bit too much. A gram here or there really doesn't matter when I add my 200 pounds and then throw in another 20 pounds of an expedition pack. That's not to say I don't want the lightest set up I can get, it's just sometimes I need to yield to functionality and bomber set the tubless tires and full stans conversion on my FSA XC 300's on Michelin AT's (Tubeless). Rinn used this same set up.

Glenn on the other hand did a more light weight set up that I have run before where he used his FSA XC-300's and Michelin AT's, but not the tubeless tires. The tubeless tires are materially heavier. As well instead of the Stans Conversion kit glen cut up a smaller 20" bmx tube and streched it around his wheel to cover the spoke holes. We each used one ounce of Slime and one ounce of Stans Sauce, which is liquid latex. The only potential downside to this set up is that the non tubeless tires are not as bomber so rips to the bottom and sides of the tire can be larger and the sidewalls can have air leaks. I ran this set up two years ago and had 3 months of great riding before it failed.

AV has a tubeless rim set up so he got off a bit easier by adding stans to his set up and pumping it up.

Glenn and Aaron are prepping for Baja travesia, which is in march and they are looking to ride their set ups as much as possible prior to the race. I am looking forward to watching them give it their all and defending the title! They are looking for help with support if you know anyone that is interested you can respond here. AV is racing a 24 hour bike race this weekend at the 24 hours in Old Pueblo...good luck AV!

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