Friday, September 26, 2008

Moab revisited, Xstream Expedition

Another national expedition race put on by the folks at Gravity Play, known as the Adventure Xstream Expedition. We've raced in Moab before, beat Nike and then got disqualified for not staying on the recomended route...that is neither here nor there, just flashing back ;-)

The team is in full force racing in Moab, where among other things teams have started to drop like flies because of the heat. The mercury reached 95F today and a couple of teams succombed to the heat, sound familiar? I had a heat stroke in Primal Quest in Moab when we entered Pritchett canyon, the EMT that stayed when I took his spot told my team that it was 122F where the helicopter landed. Moab is a hot place. Well we are back at it, I'm in an air conditioned car heading to Momar in Cumberland, while the real tough guys are dealing with the heat in Moab!

The team is comprised of Glenn Rogers, Sean Clancy, Mari Chandler and Matt Hayes. Powerhouse squad with a lot of potential. The website is fairly informational, but is missing a key ingredient to an expedition race...the leaderboard! This is what I know from our superstar support personell, JPC...translation is tough, but she is on her iPhone and probably has little time to type.

We are second. Our TA is half the time of the first place. The 2 hour lead is do to a flat in the beginning and a bike front wheel and a 10 minute lead on the water that one we had a three minute TA. Good eats to go and everything is clean. They look strong. Glen gets a little out there but his team is keeping him in line. We have motivation to have fast healthy strong TA. Matt is quieter. Mary is an amazing person. Sean is great in TA but need lots of water food and special drinks. Mary is so organized. Everybodies personality works well. Lots of laughing. Only I lost it was glens last bomb in the hotel. I had to puke three times. He is a great guy in some ways. Ha. Tom is solid TA support. A few really behind people and race director my TA angle came out. He constantly let's me know updates. And TA time for leader. We cut in half. They are strong and will catch them
Did she say puke? Those bean/bologna/cheez whiz burritos will do that to you ;-) Stay tough JPC and Tom!

Here is the gang getting ready to rumble on the boats.


Hart said...

go dart! good luck crewing jpc!

Michmas said...

You are all bloody animals