Monday, September 29, 2008

Victory in Moab!

Well you might have seen the updates online but here is the behind the scenes scoop from the transitions. Congratulations to Mari, Glenn, Sean and Matt for a great race!!!! Great crew work out there Jill and Tom!!!! and way to get after it team :-)

From JPC out of the transitions:

2nd update:

When we had notice Matt quiet and not eating in the last TA we decided to revamp the food. We went and got blueberries, Watermelon, strawberries. We had fresh deli meat. Sandwhiches and avacodo turkey wraps more coke and double the water and a few sugar salty treats. It was while they were in the hot rocks and the repell which made the big chief look like a pebble. As we were heading back to set up camp an ambulance came. It was a sick feeling. The first hour out of the race we already had a team lose their girl to a dislocated shoulder. As we got in to the TA we found out a volunteer was either heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The team that lost their girl that was continuing their race stopped and worked with the race emt, search and rescue and the ambulance crew to get him out and we were all able to watch them repel down to him and 12 people carried him out and he was throwing up all the way to the ambulance. Simultaneously we heard another racer was sick do severe hydration and their team dropped. Oh did I mention the race director broke his collar bone setting up the course? The thing we were greatful for is when our team went out they had triple the water. So we saw the leading come in and they didn't look so well. Then ten minutes later here comes Dart Nuun. We had set up an oasis at the TA but Matt was pail. We walked him to the river and had him put his feet and hands in the water. Then we sat down with legs in. We put a wet jersey on the back of his neck and began hand feeding him turkey avacodo wraps with a cool refreshing drinks. I could tell he started to feel good he started making jokes and kept saying he loved the wraps. We go back up to the TA. Glen is all calm. Zen like. He is reading the maps like the news paper and Laughing and eating. Sean looks like he just got back from Hawaii. Before they left too we sprayed them all down with spf 30. Mary was big smiles enjoying the fruit. She is so strong even out on the course glens drinking her coke etc. She is ribbing glen while she is lubing all the chains and eating. Sean is happy and we got Matt back. I put on eminem ' you got one shot' was playing loudly from my ipod when dart began singing and heading out taking the lead. Boulder had a long nav error and a long TA. Today is a different story and I'm sending that text next. 24 hours to go Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile


3rd and final update:

Our team decided to rest. Glen was real sick. It was dark and cold and it was probably the best time to sleep. They needed the van which left Tom in I in a wind storm without sleep. They requested to be woken at 240am which was to 2 hours after they settled in. Then we woke them I was worried they wouldn't want to get out of the warm car and begin to race. However we woke them up and had caffeine drinks and food ready. Glen still didn't want to eat but was fired up to race. Matt looked like a little kid blinking his eyes open. The first thing he said may I please have an avacodo? Mary didn't get much sleep and Sean said his sleep was solid. Glen asked me to run with them to check out in case I needed to grab any maps. So all six of us ran about 100 and it was really fun running them out. Tom was running as well with a bloody nose due to altitude. Matt double checked glens work and they were off. Boulder didn't rest and took a two hour lead. Glen said the caught them on the field. So why they were out for near 12 hours the boulders TA was generous and let me use their fire to make soup when we all heard word one of their teammates got cold exhaustion. I asked like hypothermia and they said worse. Next thing I know they were bringing a racer with an IV down from the mountains transporting him to a vehicle. He looked ash grey. I couldn't help from my eyes watering. We want a win from competition not another team injured. It was a real sad moment. Our team came in and Glen, Matt, Mary and Sean looked real healthy and strong. Don another teams support said 'wow your team looks like soldiers' soon our team was told about Boulder and their moods flattened. Glen said he said he would have helped had he known. On their way out Matt rode his bike and team in tow and shook the team members hand and said thanks for a good race and I'm sorry about your teammate. Matt and our whole team are fine upstanding individuals. Sean before boulder accident wanted me to call rvg and say 'we are like everyone else. We would our pants on one leg at a time. But when we have our pants on we win adventure races. '
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THRILL said...
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THRILL said...

can you edit sean's comment from my typos it doesn't read right. He said it with humor too. Funny cat. Plus I put due to hydration and it was dehydration. I was typing quickly and sleep deprived. Congrats on your Moab victory.

THRILL said...

and your Momar victory!

DARTvg said...

I liked how it made me feel in the moment. Like I was between transitions and rushed. I could see you frantically typing it so you could be ready to deliver the best TA service ever, hence I kept it unchanged and straight from the horses mouth :-), not that you are a horse.