Friday, October 10, 2008

MOMAR Cumberland

The Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race (Momar) has been a long standing race that has history running deep here in the Pacific Northwest. Momar Ladyfinger or Mt. Tzuehalem (sp?) was my second adventure race ever in 2001 or 2002, I can't seem to remember back that far.

What a race that was... Frenchy, Cyril and myself taking exact bearing to find orienteering controls and running from tree to tree to take our next bearing. We thought the winners must have cheated or been on drugs as it took us 2X the amount of time, we could not have been that slow....ummm we were that slow. Well, times have changed, but one thing still holds true and that is that the Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race kicks ass and Bryan Tasaka is still producing challenging and fun races with the best party ever to be held in conjunction with an Adventure Race.

This year we were going to race as a team of four with Seegs, JVG, Norm and myself. As the ferry from Horseshoe bay docked and we pulled off, my co-pilot (in life) JVG told me to pull over and the Island sickness kicked off with some not soo much fun vomitalia. A couple of pull overs later and we made it to the campground. The next morning JVG threw in the towel, with urging from me to do so, and decided to rest instead of race. Lucky for us Segger knows everyone and race director Bryan Tasaka recomended a couple of solo racers that wouldn't mind taggin along with us. With our new team mate Tom ready to rock we were back in the 4 person category.

For the rest of the race details I will send your HERE. What a good race, props to the production team and the over 80 volunteers they had (this is amazing!). Now we are training for the Upstate Adventure race in South Carolina on October 25th, should be fun!

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