Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Upstate Adventure Race

Well, I finally received my bikebox from UPS and dug my camera out so I could let the photos do the talking. Up above is a quick stop to one of our great sponsors manufacturing plant in South Carolina, not too far from the race HQ.
The Upstate Adventure Race 2008 has come and gone and we were able to pull off a victory. Glenn posted a race report here on the CheckpointZero team blog so I'll let you get the non finer details from there.

From my memory the race went more like...canoe, bike, run, give mari my pack, bike, run, get towed by mari, run some more, bike, get a little tired, run some more, get towed by mari, finish. Ahhh what a race. As well as a great race it was fun to experience a race in another region, meet a lot of new people and see the hills of the Carolinas. The trees were showing all colors and around every turn there was something new to see.

One of the mandatory pieces of gear was a flare for each person...we were not allowed to fly with flares so we thought we would get them the day before the race, this is what Mari carried throughout the race:

We thought we should get a flare with a little umph, I think this one did the trick. The picture below was taken on the first trek as we were approaching Pinnacle Peak in Table Rock state park. The morning fog had just burned off and it turned into a beautiful day.

We are now trying to figure out Abu Dahbi and Portugal and how to make one happen...I guess it is a good predicament to be in. In the mean time our DART brotheren are in Brazil at the Adventure Racing World Championships, currently in 7th place and within striking distance of the top 5...I've been getting my info from the ecomotion site and sleepmonsters, just can't seem to get enough data! Go DART-nuun!

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