Friday, November 07, 2008

AR Worlds and USARA National Championships

There is soo much going on for the team right now!

DART-nuun (Seegs, Cyril, Rinn and Matzke) just crossed the finish line in 6th place yesterday in Brazil at the AR World Championships. Placing 6th among one of the toughest fields to to the line is very respectful and our team is extatic. Can't wait to get the details and pictures! Of course we will some how find it within ourselves to strive for some type of improvement, but not just yet as the team should revel in their great accomplishment.

There are some good articles on Sleepmonsters and Ecomotion did a good job of having somewhat infrequent updates. Seegs mom updated her site with some good nuggets of info. I loved this article on sleepmonsters as I could see it unfolding... It was also nice to see Orion have another good race and edge out Nike...this seemed like an impossible task for quite a while. The Orion team is filled with good individuals and they deserve the title.

Back to the US...Glenn, Sean and Mari are on the race course in Georgia at the USARA National Championships and are driven to give it their all. Sounds like they came off the prologue in first and are off on a 24 hour escapade in the south. You can follow them here and hopefully the updates keep rolling in!

Go team!!!

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