Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where did March go?

Lots of changes through March...

The foot's on the mend and I have been able to hit the trails again, phew. Things are looking up and preparation for the Desert Winds is coming along. Looks like there is no paddling in this years race and it will be biking, running, canyoneering and swimming. The latter being my least favorite, but I think we have the set up dialed.

A quote from an email I saw from race director Robert Finlay," This year's race - is probably the physically hardest race that I've yet to put together. For one thing, the mtbiking is arduous! For another, the optional loops of the course will work the faster teams!"

We went down to hood river a couple of weekends ago and participated in the Gorge Winds II underground race. Jen and I relayed with our team so we could hand off and take turns watching jaden. It was basically the VIP tour of all the waterfalls in the columbia River Gorge. Thanks for taking the time to map such a sweet course Dave!

See you on the trails...

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