Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Worlds are over, no one seemed to be sure what was happening during the race. Some would say a state of chaos others speculated on strategic mayhem. The website was not very helpful, I turned to a mosaic theory of piecing tidbits of info from the site, posted pictures and tweets into my own dillusional version of what was happening. I was wrong. Now that racers and spectators have had some time to sit back and write down their thought I wanted to post info that I found interesting and eye opening to the race:

*New* World Champion's thoughts

Great thread with lots of info on Attackpoint

Friends from Blackheart in Australia

Team Orion's thoughts

Adventure world Mag article by Untamed Adventurer, check him out on twitter too, he added the first real color to the race, thanks Untamed!

Wish I had more info from my team, but at this point they I understand that they were a bit confused and obviously took them a while to figure the formatt out. They wrangled a bit of support from a local who was to suport another team, but still were left out of the information loop and learned the hard way.

Motherload...Mari's team conquers, Glenn breaks finger...good weather, everyone is OK. Nice work Mari :-)

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Grant (Untamed Adventure) said...

I was happy to help where I could, I just wish I had known more sooner (like months ago) and could've prepped North American teams for the different format.

Once the dust settles, I know Jason, our Podcast guy at Untamed, is looking to get one or more of the nuun team in an interview (via phone).