Saturday, September 17, 2005

Pacific Northwest Champions!

Trioba went well for the team of RVG, Matt Hart, Glenn Rogers and Jen Segger. We were able to take second place in the race and secure our title of Pacific Northwest Champions for the third year in a row. This is awesome!

Mergeo won the race and appearantly had a very clean race, despite a flat tire on the initial bike ride. They crossed the finish line a little under two minutes ahead of us...ohh the pain. That makes you think about all the little things that could have ben changed over the course of two minutes, but the race was really lost for us at CP 8, where my bad navigation lost us an hour. It was a tough CP to find and in the end it will only educate me more on how to gage my pace and location in flats...could pay off in Florida.

The order of events were Paddle, Bike, Trek, Bike and they covered roughly 70 miles from Vantage Washington and the Columbia River Gorge to Ellensburg. We went up and over Whiskey Disk Mountain (That's right) and had incredible views the entire race. We had a very fast paddle and came out of the water well before the pack and then had another strong leg biking the 30+ miles up to the trek transition. The trek was good but could have been 5-10 miles longer and the bike to Ellensburg was mostly downhill and very fast!

The race was a bit too short in most of our minds. 10 hours is too short a finishing time for a 24 hour race. Had we had a clean race we would have finished in roughly 9 hours! I think we finished this race in only 2 hours longer time than we finsihed their 12 hour race. Oh well, not the races fault, just an observation. The course itself was laid out well and did provide navigational options, we were just hoping for something a bit longer.

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