Thursday, November 01, 2007


Now onto the USARA National Championships. DART will be sending a team comprised of Glenn Rogers, Mari Chandler and Matt Hayes. The race is a 24 hour race with zero assisted transitions. This means that the racers will be carrying everything they need for the entire race on their! Glenn and Mari are seasoned veterans of the team and Matt joins the gang from Mergeo as a long time racer/friend of DART from the Pacific Northwest. These three will be moving fast!

The race is in Missouri and should be a good one. The individual who produces the race through Bonk Hard Racing produced the Mighty Mo of yester year and is doing the Sunflower 24 hour race going forward. This will be a member of the CP Zero 24 hour series next year.

For a look at the teams check out this link.

Top 5 contenders: DART-nuun, Nike-Beaver Creek, MOAT, EMS and any other sleepers in there? Maybe they aren't sleepers just unkown out here on the West Coast...
See next post for updates
side note from last week, Buff won EcoMotion in a dominating fashion. I was glad to see Orion and Sole up in contention for first as they are quality teams with good peeps racing on them.

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